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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Idol - Miami Auditions - Preview

Contestants rumored to have auditioned in Miami:

*Lorena Pinot
**Ramielle Malubay - Audition song: Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin
**Robbie Carrico
**Syesha Mercado - Audition song: Listen by Beyonce
Charity Daw
John Clayton
Brando Liddell
Camilo Rodriguez
Matt Sato (yes - again)
Felippe Biatti
Ginelle and Giselle Morales (twins)
Jennifer and Jessica Guadix
Tessa O'Gilvie
Adrian Rafat
Cambria Jones
Carroy Bethea
Erin Hughes Audition song: Kiss the Girls from Little Mermaid
Katie LaVente
Keira Johnson
Teresa Wright

* rumored to have made the Top 50
** rumored to have made the Top 24

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